Our technology plans efficient routes by neighborhood. Less driving for our gardeners means fair pricing for you. Gardening preferences, payments… all managed online.

Our gardeners have 5+ years of local experience. Our app lets them review your gardening routine beforehand, and take photos afterward to show what they did.

Our values

Responsive Service

Need to update your gardening routine?
We know things change, so we plan for it
We're here if you need us

Reliable Quality

Our platform handles scheduling & logistics
Letting your gardeners do what they do best
Gardening! Ratings & photos every service

Fair Pricing

We built software to plan efficient routes
Gardeners can now work more, and earn more
You get reliable quality at a fair price

Our team



Erica Jayne





Field Ops

We're Hiring!

Find unreliability unreasonable? Inefficiency irksome? Optimize Ops in your sleep?
Bring your compelling side of hustle to our team in downtown SF.