How it works

What is LiveNeighborly?

  • LiveNeighborly is a platform where you can easily book the best local gardeners for an on-demand appointment or recurring service. We specialize in routine yard maintenance: mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, hand-weeding, edging and keeping your property looking beautiful.
  • Our gardeners are pre-screened, background-checked and maintain an average rating of 4.6 stars on our platform. With a seamless sign-up process, secure payment, and a 100% money-back guarantee, LiveNeighborly is the easiest, most convenient way to maintain your yard.

What is special about your service? How does it work?

  • Select the plan that works for you: Our service is time-based and completely flexible. Pick the frequency of visits (biweekly, monthly or one-time / on-demand) and the number of hours you'd like. Change your plan at any time – no commitments.
  • No need to be home: When you set up your account you build your Core Routine. This lets your gardeners know exactly what to do every visit. We'll also send you After Photos following every booking, so you can quickly see the highlights of their work.
  • Special Projects: Got a flat of flowers you want planted? Bought mulch you'd like spread? Want to beautify a specific area of your yard this time? Let us know you have a Special Project. We'll work with you to make sure we get it right and our gardeners will prioritize it before working on your Core Routine.
  • Efficient routing by neighborhood: We keep our prices low by creating the most efficient schedule possible, so your gardeners don't have to drive very far between bookings. Our service works best if you're flexible with your availability. But if you have specific restrictions (e.g. "no Mondays" or "only after 10am"), let us know and we'll try to accommodate you. Need to be there for your first service? No problem, we'll find a time that works, so you can meet the crew.
  • Experienced, local gardeners: LiveNeighborly gardeners have more than 5 years experience, this is their profession! They work with us a couple days a week to get consistent income that supplements their existing landscaping businesses. All of our gardeners are friendly, knowledgeable, hardworking and take pride in their work. They love what they do, know how to care for your plants and maximize your garden's visual appeal.
  • Easy, online payment and satisfaction guaranteed: After every booking, we'll send you after photos, request a rating, then charge the credit card you used to create your account. If there is ever an issue with your service, just let us know and we'll work with you to make it right. You can change or cancel your plan anytime. Be sure to give 48 hours notice if you need to cancel a specific booking.
  • Fantastic Customer Support: We have a dedicated support team and are very accessible: reach us by email or call/text (415) 702-1702.

What package should I sign up for? How many hours do I need?

Our 2-person crews typically need…

  • Small Yard (under 1/8 acre): 1 hour biweekly or 2 hours monthly
  • Medium Yard (under 1/4 acre): 1.5 hours biweekly or 3 hours monthly
  • Large Yard (over 1/4 acre): 2 hours biweekly or 4 hours monthly
  • If you haven't had service in a month, we strongly recommend adding a "Deep Clean" to your first booking to get your yard back into a maintenance state.

Can I test your service before committing?

  • Sure! Sign-up for whatever frequency you think you'll need and if you're not satisfied after your first visit, simply cancel. Even with our recurring plans, you can skip a service session anytime - we just need 48 hours notice. Not sure? Try a one-time visit and you won't be scheduled again after your booking, unless you reach out to us.

Great, I want to sign-up! How do I do that?

Email us or call/text (415) 702-1702 and we'll take care of you!

What happens next

  • After you sign up, you will be directed to your new account. Here you can give us more information about your yard, including overall goals and short, specific notes for each area of your yard
  • We want to make sure you're happy after every single visit, so we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Our recurring customers can expect to be charged after each booking, once you've received photos and had a chance to review the work. If you book an on-demand single appointment, we will charge you when we lock in your appointment time.

What sort of work do your gardeners do?

  • We specialize in maintenance gardening which includes:
  • Ground hedging or trimming shrubs & vines
  • Ground pruning or trimming shoots
  • Weed whacking
  • Lawn mowing and edging
  • Hand watering of lawn and plants
  • Blowing, raking, or sweeping
  • Disposal of debris into your green bin

You can also request:

  • Hand-weeding
  • Applying your fertilizers
  • Planting anything under 5 gallons

What don't your gardeners do?

  • Climb ladders, walls or roofs
  • Work on steep gradients or cliffs
  • Use your tools
  • Plant or remove large trees
  • Electrical, hardscape or construction work
  • Handle hazardous plants and materials
  • Work on water features such as ponds or fountains
  • Use power hedgers or chainsaws
  • Major irrigation repairs (>15 minutes)
  • Off-haul or recycle debris

What tools do your gardeners carry?

  • Our crews carry a lawn mower, hedge/weed trimmer, leaf blower, shovel, spade, garden fork, garden hoe, garden rake, leaf rake, bypass lopper, hand pruner, trowel, & hand-weeder.
  • We don't yet carry supplies, such as: leaf bags, mulch or fertilizer – but our gardeners can use yours.

How can I trust your service?

  • We get customer ratings after each service. Crews are selected based on references and background checks. We'll email you photos of what we did after each service.
  • As always, you can email us or call/text (415) 702-1702 with any questions.

How do I pay?

  • Payment is online, enter your credit card once and we'll store it on Stripe. Recurring customers can expect to be charged after each booking. If you book an on-demand single appointment, we will charge you when we lock in your appointment time.

Can I reschedule or cancel my upcoming booking?

  • It is easy to change your service date from your account. Simply log-in, click "reschedule", pick another week from the drop-down menu and click "save".
  • Please make all rescheduling requests by 12 pm two days before your booking and we'll reschedule you. Advance notice is critical as it allows us enough time to fill your spot with someone from the waitlist in your neighborhood, maintaining your gardeners' daily income.
  • If you cancel or reschedule with less than two days' notice you'll be charged for your booking unless your gardener is able to fill your spot with someone in the neighborhood.
  • To reschedule, just call or text (415) 494-4409 or email us

How do I communicate with your gardeners?

  • The routine notes you enter in your account will show up on your gardeners' app when he arrives to work on your yard. Be sure to enter all notes the day before your booking.
  • If you would like to instruct your gardener to use their best judgment simply say "Make it beautiful". You can also provide short notes for guidance, simple and specific notes are best.
  • Special projects are specific tasks outside your maintenance routine. At your next appointment, your gardener will complete this task before moving onto your maintenance routine. If you need more time add another special project or email us

Will I always have the same gardeners? Can I contact them directly?

  • Our system groups work by neighborhood, so the same 1-2 quality crews will handle your neighborhood.
  • We maintain contact with all crews, email us and we'll get your message to the crew.

What happens if it rains?

  • Light rain is OK! Our crews follow a "rain plan", avoiding heavy machinery and focusing on tasks like hand weeding, raking and trimming. In heavy rain, we'll reschedule you automatically to the next available slot.

Can my dog be outside while your gardeners work?

  • We love dogs! However, lawn mowers, new people and loud noises can be stressful for your four-legged friends. Our gardeners can only enter the yard and begin working after you bring your dog inside.

Still have questions?